Your Facebook Personal Data: How to check how much Data Facebook is keeping

Facebook is watching you
Facebook is the largest and the most powerful social media in the World. Millions of People Sign in & Sign out of the website daily. Since it’s a social media, it keeps our personal information as well as Photos and Videos that we upload and share. You may be in awe of how much data Facebook stores but in reality, it is basically a large data bank that can be used to spy on our lives. Here is a step by step guide to find out How much of your Personal Data Facebook has stored.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Log on to your Facebook Account. On the Top Right Corner, Find a drop down Menu and Click on Settings.
facebook personal data

2. In the General Account Settings, locate Download a copy in the lower left part of the Menu and Click on it
data that facebook has

3. You will be directed to a Link offering you to Download your data you shared on Facebook. Click on Start My Archive.
data you shared with facebook

4. Facebook will prompt for your Password. Enter it. It will ask for confirmation for Request for Download of Data. Again, Click on Start my Archive.
download your facebook data

5. The data will be emailed to your registered email on Facebook. Facebook requires time to gather data and email it to you. So don’t worry if its late.
your facebook data

6. Facebook will send a link to your mail for you to download the archive. Open that in a browser and download your archive using your Facebook password.
Facebook Data

You will get a zip file from the download. Extract it and open the HTML file named ‘index’ in it. It will have all your data currently on Facebook and some old data as well. In my case, In the Profile section, I will be astonished to see Apps, that I had removed, showing up. Also there were  several pages, that I had Unliked,  mentioned in the lists.

Remember when Facebook asks for your Gmail, hotmail or yahoo contacts. Well here is a heads up for you, Facebook saves them. In the Contact Info Tab, there was a list of contacts of my hotmail account that I connected with Facebook.

Facebook Remember each and every Wall Post you made and others made on your Wall. Luckily, Facebook didn’t keep record of the deleted Photos and stored on the current photo albums I have. But the scary part was that the IP address from which the Photo was uploaded and the phone model that was used to take them were in the details of the Photo. Same goes with the videos.

The Friends List included the current Friends, Friends that were removed, Received and Sent Friend Requests. They keep everything in this department! In the Messages section, only the current messages were showing and not the deleted ones. Events tab included every event that I was invited to.

Security tab had all the sign in records, trust devices, cookies, IP Address and thus every way to track your real live activity.

P.S. This data that you will get is not the complete data file Facebook has on you. If your Facebook Data is pulled in the Court of Law, thrice as more detailed data will be revealed that will include
  • Every friend request you’ve ever received and how you responded. 
  • Every poke you’ve exchanged. 
  • Every event you’ve been invited to through Facebook and how you responded. 
  • The IP address used each and every time you’ve logged in to Facebook. 
  • Dates of user name changes and historical privacy settings changes. 
  • Camera metadata including time stamps and latitude/longitude of picture location, as well as tags from photos - even if you’ve untagged yourself. 
  • Credit card information, if you’ve ever purchased credits or advertising on Facebook. 
  • Your last known physical location, with latitude, longitude, time/date, altitude, and more.
Since the Europe Courts have cracked down on Facebook regarding user privacy, Europeans user can get their full data from Facebook using this form.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

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