Manage your Social Media: How to Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages

unlike facebook pages
Facebook users get a lot of news from different groups, friends’ activities and the innumerable pages they have liked. A page pops up with a good post and you like it, a friends shares a post of a certain page, you like it. Even a sponsored page shows up and you end up liking it. While liking pages are easy, its unliking them that’s the hard part. Here are a few tips and tricks to swiftly unlike pages that you have liked over the years.

Hate to break it to you, but there are no shortcuts to unliking bunch of Facebook pages at once. There are several services (e.g Likecleanse.com) that offer to help you unlike pages quickly but they are not very effective. Either they don’t show all the pages you have liked or the pages that you unliked stay liked in Facebook. The hard yet effective way to do it is using Facebook itself.

1. Log on to your Facebook Account and then Open the Link

2. After reality hits you hard in the face, hover your mouse on any ‘Liked’ Tab. A Drop down menu will open. Click Unlike in it.


3. IMPORTANT: On the right top corner, you will find a ‘Filters’ Box. Select Page Type. A Drop down menu will show several categories of pages. Select Each category one by one. Lesser no. of pages will appear on the screen and making it easier to manage and unlike them.

facebook pages unlike

P.S.: You will find most no. of pages in the Employer Category.

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