Samsung announces Fast Charging: Galaxy Note 4 will charge 50% in 30 mins.

galaxy note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was announced today at IFA Berlin 2014 Keynote event. During the presentation, Samsung touted the Galaxy Note 4 features which included S Pen, Camera, Multitasking. Among all these highlighted features was a small discuss of Battery and Charging.

Samsung’s premier flagship will feature in impressive 3220 mAh. Some might not consider it that huge a bump since the Galaxy Note 3 also had 3100 mAh.  What Samsung boasted about was the charging Time. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will charge the first 50% of the device in just 30 mins. That spec is was compared to the Galaxy Note 3’s charging time for the first 50% of the device. Considering they both have the same battery it sure is an improvement.


Since Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature the Snapdragon 805 processor, there is bound to be some battery life improvement. Although there is also an power hungry quadHD screen in the Galaxy Note 4, it will give a decent Battery Life.

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