Its too damn High: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pricing leaked

samsung galaxy note 4

Samsung is holding its Samsung Unpacked event tomorrow at 1 PM GMT to announce another iteration of its famous phablet series, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As the unveiling draws closer, leaks are popping up about the gadget. This times it’s the price and you wont like it.

We all argue about how good smartphones have become and their utility is limitless but they are a heavy burden on our wallets (Think Not? You will agree with me after you read the prices) The pricing of the Galaxy Note 4 ‘unlocked’ has been leaked by 4 Russian retailer Media Markt which converts to around $940. The retailer also mentions that it will have the device by late September/ early October.

Considering the carrier subsidies and higher smartphones rates in Europe, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will cost around $780 unlocked $300 on a two year contract

Happy Buying!

Stay Tuned for More Expensive Updates

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