Top 5 Android, iOS and other Handheld Games of Second Quarter of 2014

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Having games in our mobile phones has been an age old phenomenon. From the time of Nokia 3310 and its incredible Snake, we now have hi-res games in our smartphones. Although the platform is limited due to limited controls and screen size, people generally end up playing more games on it mainly due to portability and availability. A new study identifies the Top 5 games on Android, iOS and Other gaming handhelds.

The study by App Annie is detailed highlighting several aspects of handheld and smart gadget gaming. The study identifies and lists the highly popular games among users of different devices for the 2nd Quarter of 2014.

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Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga have been among the top 5 games on both Android and iOS Stores for 2 Quarters now. Since the last quarter, only 1 new game has entered the list of smartphones while handhelds have 3 new titles in it. Considering the refresh rate smartphones and Apple devices along with different variations in sizes keep developers busy on optimizing their game and keeping it alive. A competitive smartphone market is a reason why we don’t have many titles there. Handhelds, on the other end, have been constant for years. With almost 4 years since we say the 3DS and 3 years since Sony’s Vita appeared, it is quite a stagnant market.

Don’t forget to try these out on your devices.

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  1. Very interesting article. Fully agree with the author of this rating games. I like to play on your android, and then as the author conducts evaluation of games is absolutely clear to me.


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