How to add a Website to your Home Screen in Android Phone or Tablet

Chrome android
Android is a feature filled operating system. You can perform a single task in several ways. Either way, everyone surfs the internet. Most of the Android users use Chrome or Firefox in their devices for browsing. Here is a small trick that lets you save your favorite websites on your Android Home Screen.

All you have to do is load your website in Google Chrome for Android, open the menu using the menu button and Tap on ‘Add to Home Screen’. Chrome will ask you for a Shortcut Name and Voila! An Icon will appear on your Home Screen.

add to homescreen
chrome website home screen

When you click on the Icon, Google Chrome will open the App in Full Screen making it easier to Navigate. This trick is specially useful for those websites that don’t have an Android App

This feature is also available in Mozilla Firefox for Android and Puffin Browser for Android.

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