How to run Android Apps on Google Chrome in Windows

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Running Android Apps on your Windows PC is still difficult. Only a handful of software (e.g BlueStacks) provide this feature and they take up a large amount of your Computer’s Processing power, slowing it down. Here is a method (Developed by XDA Member bpear96 to run almost, if not all, Android Apps on Google Chrome.

Downloads Required

1. ARChon Runtime extension for Chrome (Link)
2. Chrome APK Packager (Link)

1. Connect your Android Phone to your PC.

2. Copy “Chrome APK Packager” file to your Phone.

3. Install the “Chrome APK Packager” on your Phone. (If an error pops up, Goto Settings>Security, scroll down and tick mark Untrusted sources).

4. Once Installed, open the App and Tap “Next”. In the following page, Select “Installed Application”.

5. A list of Apps will appear. Select Single or Multiple Apps that you want to Run on your PC.

6. Select the Orientation (Portrait/Landscape) and the Device Mode (Phone/Tablet) for the App that you want to run on your Chrome, then Tap “Next

7.  A Zip file is created in the ChromeAPKS Folder. You need get it in your computer. Copy it or Upload it, whatever seems suitable. Chrome APK Packager gives you the option to Share it.

8. Extract the ARChon Runtime Extension for Chrome in a separate Folder.

9. Open Google Chrome, go to the Top-Right Corner and Click on the Icon image

10. A drop down menu opens. Select Tools>Extensions.


11. In the following page, Select Load Unpacked Extensions. A File Select window opens, select the Folder where you extracted ARChon Runtime Extension for Chrome


12. An extension will appear on your Chrome Window ARChon Custom Runtime 1.0 along with an error message. Ignore the Error.


13. Now repeat Steps 11 and 12 for the Zip File you copied from your Phone.


14. Once the extension of your App appears on your Chrome, hit Launch to run your App.



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