How to Test Touchscreen of an Android Smartphone

android touchscreen
Planning to buy a new or a used smartphone? Then you should read this! The first thing to check in any handset nowadays is its screen. While the physical state of the touchscreen can be examined, checking its responsiveness is a different matter. People buying phones usually use the smartphone for sometime, browsing, swapping, typing etc. to determine how it responds. Little they know that a tool to test the screen lies in the Android handset themselves.

Here is how you can test your Android Smartphone Screen


Prep. 1. – Go to Settings > About Phone. Tap the Build No. 7 Times (This will enable Developer’s Options)

Prep 2. – Now again go to Settings and Scroll Down to find Developer’s Options. Inside Developer’s Options, locate Pointer Location or Touch Data (Varies with devices)

On the top of your screen, a bar with appear with the Following options

touchscreen test
P: 0/1 – Tells you about the no. of touches on the screen.

X: & Y: – Tell you about the location of the touch on your screen

Xv & Yv: – Tell you about how fast your touch is moving ( If you are sliding a finger on the screen)

Prs.: – Tells you about how much Pressure is applied on the screen

Size: – Tell you about the size of the touch on the screen.

With such extensive data of touch available, several tests can be run. The standard test for responsiveness, however, is simple.

Start with the top most corner. Touch the screen with less pressure then gradually increase it to see if the Pressure value changes. Now Apply the same pressure on the screen and slide your finger on it maintaining the pressure. If, at any point, the Prs. value changes significantly, there is a problem. If not, the screen is A OK!!

You can also test its Multi Touch Capability using P: 0/1 feature. Touch your screen with 2 or more fingers simultaneously and it will record no. of Touches. Latest Flagships can usually register a maximum no. of 10 Touches at a time.

This method is easy and simple and does not require an third party App nor the Internet. So next time you are buying an Android Touch device, make sure you use this tool to test the screen.

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