3 easy ways to Download a complete Facebook Photo Album to your Computer

We all have those events when someone goes crazy with the camera, taking tons of Selfies and group photos and what not. The Result is an Album with plethora of photos. Sharing those images on Facebook is the easiest way to show everyone how much fun you had, but it becomes a problem when you decide to download them all.
Here is Why!
Facebook allows you to save images but ONLY ONE AT A TIME!
Lets say you come across a Photo Album with 179 Photos. Clicking each photo and then right-clicking it and Selecting ‘Save Image As’ for 179 times? Life is too short for that!

Here are few ways through which you can Download an entire Facebook Album in a Few Clicks.

P.S. You can download an Album if you are allowed to view it.

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1. Pick&Zip
Pick&Zip is an Online Tool for downloading Media (Photos and Videos) from Facebook. You just have to visit the website and look for the Link ‘Facebook Download’. The website will prompt for your Facebook ID and Password,  It brings up a list of your friends. Select the friend who shared the Album and all of his albums will show up. Now Select the Album you wish to Download and Hit Download on the Right and Viola! It will be downloaded in Zip Format. You can also download all the photos you or your friends were tagged in.

2. Download FB Album Mod [Google Chrome Extension]
Download this Google Chrome Extension from HERE. Once added to Chrome, this extension will the a Logo (in the Picture above) whenever you visit a Facebook Page. Visit the Album you wish to Download and Click on this Logo. A drop down menu will appear; select ‘Normal’ from it. Once you click it, you will be taken to another page showing all the photos in the album. Hit CTRL+S on your keyboard, a Save menu will open. Select where you want to save the photos and Click Save and Its Done!

3. Fotobounce

This is a Desktop Application (Now available on Android as well) which you can use to download any Facebook Album easily. It doesn’t have the most vibrant interface but it is feature filled and easy to use. Once Downloaded and Installed, launch the Application. On the Left Panel, you will find a Facebook Login option. Enter your credentials and grant all permissions to fotobounce. One logged in, Select the Friends options and all your friends will be listed. Select the friend who has the Album, then select his/her Album you want to download and hit Download on the Right Panel. Pretty Simply, eh? You can download Fotobounce from Here

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