3 ways to use Multiple Facebook accounts on your Smartphone

Facebook Account is a very powerful Tool on the Internet. Music Websites, Blogs, Games Online Dating Apps, You name it! All of them accept Facebook credentials. So many connections to one account make it very difficult to manage. I am sure many of you, like me, have more than one Facebook ID (One for Candy Crush, Ofcourse!) and the other for your friends and family. Unfortunately, the Facebook Official App allows only One Facebook account at a time. So Here we are with 3 ways you can use multiple Facebook Profiles on your smartphone!

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1. Facebook Replacement Apps

facebook lite friendly

These apps are unofficial Facebook Apps developed to provide a different user experience than the Official Facebook App. Fortunately, these Apps allow you to maintain another Facebook account in a separate App. Currently, only iOS and Android Users have replacements apps available. They are

Friendly for iOS

Initially, both these Apps will ask for one Facebook Account details. Once you ‘Log In’, you can go to Preferences (In case of Friendcaster) or Settings (In case of Friendly) to add another account.

2. Make a Web App image

Since one of your Facebook Profiles can be on the Facebook Official App, you can make a Web App of your own using your Mobile Browser. All you have to do is

a) Launch your browser (Native or Google Chrome or any other) and visit www.facebook.com.

b) Enter your Username and Password and Click ‘Yes’ when it prompts to Save your Password.

c) Once logged in, go to Options in your Browser and Select ‘Add to Homescreen’.


An Icon will be created on your Homescreen named Facebook. Tap it and it will launch your Web App with your account signed in.

3. Social Media Management Apps
Social Media management Apps are capable of handling several Facebook and other social media accounts at a time. They can be customized to show Newsfeed of your Profile or a Facebook page or group you manage. However, there is a drawback. The users experience in these Apps is not as good as the Facebook or other Official Apps. Top two Social Media Management Apps are
  • Seesmic
  • Hootsuite
These Apps are available for both iOS and Android. You can download them from the respective Play Stores.

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