6 Reasons why Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6: What's the difference?Samsung launched its flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 on Sunday and it has already created some waves in the tech media. While it is being pegged as the best Android Smartphone by Samsung, and best of all Android Phones, its real competitor is Apple’s impressive iPhone 6. The comparison is hard because of the various differences in the devices, but here are Six reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than iPhone 6.

1. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system launched by the smartphone manufacturers. It is very similar to Apple Pay in technology.It uses NFC Technology in smartphones like Apple Pay to execute the transaction. This, however, requires availability of an NFC based system on the retailer end as well which limits the no. of places it can be used. One Game Changing feature in Samsung Pay which make it compatible with almost 90% retailers is its ability to execute a transaction with a magnetic strip reader. Using a Loop pay technology, it interacts with any ordinary magnetic strip reader and your transaction takes place. Samsung Pay will definitely dominate this market.

2. Gorilla Glass 4: Back and Front Protected

All that talk about Apple iPhone 6 coming with a Sapphire display remained rumors. Instead of giving false hope to their fans, Samsung produced Galaxy S6 with the latest scratch and impact resistant glass in the market, Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The back cover of the new Galaxy, also glass, is protected by the same material. Unlike Apple’s of making a vulnerable iPhone 4 back cover, Samsung has covered all its bases.

3. Low Light Imaging

Samsung is particularly proud of the device's camera, though independent testing will have to confirm its quality.
iPhone 6 Camera takes the most impressive ‘close to eyesight’ images in normal conditions. Not many phones can compete with the device in such conditions. Low Light imaging is however different. Not much needs to be explained here. Just look at the Photo Above.

4. Screen: Bigger and Better

Everyone loves iPhone  6 screen for its vibrant colors and impressive contrast. The fact of the matter remains, however, that stands at 720p with a pixel density of 326 ppi. The Samsung Galaxy S6 screen is at 5.1 inch with 1440p and a whooping 577 ppi. Apple’s device is clearly outnumbered and outgunned in this department.

5. Battery

Apple devices have their proprietary battery with no exact battery rating in mAh. After conversion, it turns out to be meager 1810 mAh and it is definitely not the most impressive feature of the iPhone. Samsung’s battery stands at an impressive 2900 mAh. with new 14nm process set to improve battery performance significantly.

6. Wireless Charging

Not the biggest feature in the Galaxy S6 but it does have this over the iPhone 6. The built-in chip of wireless charging is compatible with any wireless charger in the market and to prove its point, Samsung isn’t shipping one with the Galaxy S6. iPhone people should stay in primitive cable era!

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