Disk Management Tools Guide: EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition

Today’s computing needs are not simple anymore. With large Hard Drives, SSDs and removable drives available for almost everyone, it is essential that the storage space is efficiently managed. Proper segregation of data makes it easier to manage and in turn can save a lot of storage space and money. To guide our readers about disk management tools, we tested few of them and among the various freeware available on the internet, The Gadget Code found EaseUS Partition Master (Free Edition) to be the best.

 What’s In It?

Once launched, EaseUS shows all the drives, including system drives, their used and unused space, and their current file system. It provides all the basic disk management tools and some more. Apart from the usual disk fragmenting, drive letter change, and resize/move partition it offers features like Merging of two partitions and Partition Wipe.

The Good

Why we rank it highly? It is because of its Simple User friendly Interface. A user with little knowledge of disk partitions can easily use this tool for his need.

Adding to the usual, there are 2 special features in EaseUS Partition master which are quite handy.

Copy partition – This feature allows you to copy a partition on to Unallocated space of your Hard Drive. Instead of extending a Partition, this feature creates a new partition with all your data on it. 

Partition recovery – This feature is a basic data Recovery Tool within EaseUS Partition Master. It automatically searches and recovers any partitions (and its data) that got turned into unallocated space. 

You can also hide a certain partition that you don’t want anyone to discover. It will not appear on any Windows Software unless you unhide it using the partition manager. This relatively unknown feature is also present in Windows 7 Disk Management Tool.

The Bad

Although it provides a lot of stuff free, it doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell you to upgrade to paid version or try out the other freeware tools it has to offer. Also, it has 2 freeware installation requests during its setup that are not necessary for it to run.

It’s for Free!

With all its utility and features, EaseUS is still a free software. If you don’t plan to spend money on disk management tool, EaseUS is easily the best option for you.

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